Understanding Affordable Housing

Attainable Housing That’s Affordable

Elective CE – 4 Hours – TREC Approval Number #48505

With recent changes in market conditions, the next buzz term for real estate professionals is “Affordable Housing.” This class is designed to help a real estate professional understand what affordable housing means, what makes something deemed affordable, the role of market factors in affordability, the role of regulatory factors in affordability and the future of affordability. Students will learn strategies to best serve their clients in the affordable housing arena. 

Course Chapters:

  • Chapter 1: 50 minutes
    1. a. Measuring housing affordability
    2. b. Household income and wealth
    3. c. Housing expenditures
      1. i. Causes and consequences of rises in housing prices
      2. ii. Inequality and housing
      3. iii. Other housing expenditures
  • Chapter 2: 50 minutes    Break 10 minutes
    1. a. Growing density convergence and regional urbanization
    2. b. Economy
      1. i. Supply and demand
      2. ii. Factors that affect the supply and demand of housing
      3. iii. Factors that affect tenure choices
  • Chapter 3: 50 minutes    Break 10 minutes
    1. a. Labor market performance
    2. b. Social costs of lack of affordable housing
      1. i. Jobs
      2. ii. Transportation
      3. iii. Supply, Demand, and Affordability
  • Chapter 4: 50 minutes    Break 10 minutes
    1. a. Affordable housing and public policy
      1. i. Right to build
      2. ii. Government restrictions on affordable housing
      3. iii. Affordable housing by country
      4. iv. Attainable housing that is affordable
        1. 1. Informal housing
        2. 2. Illegal housing
        3. 3. Non-profit housing
        4. 4. Public housing
        5. 5. Subsidized housing International and in the U.S.
        6. 6. Section 8 housing and other resources

Summary and conclusion with any Q&A . . . “Change and the Future”

Understanding Affordable Housing

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