Legal Update II (2024-2025)

Required CE – 4 Hours – TREC Approval Number #47601

TREC Legal Update II is the second of two required Legal Update courses for all real estate licensees. Brand new for 2022, this course will bring you up to date with the latest Agency Relationships, Trec Disclosures, Representing Veterans, and TREC Enforcement. This second session of Legal Update will help reinforce the right way to practice your business and help keep you from getting in trouble. 


  • Chapter 1 – Agency
    • Chapter 531 Canons of Professional Ethics and Conduct: An Overview
    • All About Agency Relationships
    • Tips for Agency Relationships, Subagency
    • Be Cautious About Commission Conversations
  • Chapter 2 – TREC Disclosures
    • Explaining the Information About Brokerage Services Form
    • The IABS Section by Section
    • “Help! I Need to Speak to Someone in Charge!”
    • Explaining the Consumer Protection Notice
    • Who TREC Regulates
    • How to File a Complaint
    • Real Estate Trust Account
    • TREC’s Contact Information
    • Criminal Disclosure
    • What is the RAP BACK Program?
  • Chapter 3 – Representing Veterans and Military Service Members
    • History of the VA Loan
    • Benefits of a VA Loan for the Seller of a Property
    • Other Considerations of a VA Loan for the Borrower
    • Other Considerations of a VA Loan for the Seller of a Property, Myths About VA Loans
    • Benefits of a VA Loan for the Borrower
    • Texas Veteran Land Board Lending Program
  • Chapter 4 – The Real World: Enforcement, Case Studies, and Commission Priorities
    • Who Handles Complaints and Discipline?
    • The Complaint Process
    • TREC Enforcement: Did You Know?
    • Top TREC Complaint Categories Common Enforcement Violations
    • Advertising Compliance Program
    • Best Practices to Avoid Complaints
    • Commission Priorities

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