Real Estate Horror Stories

Case Studies From The Field

Elective CE – 2 Hours – TREC Approval Number #48477

Real Estate Horror
Stories is a class in discussion of case studies from experienced real estate
professionals. The instructor will review incidents, examples, and case studies
from seasoned professionals and then break them apart and diagnose them. This
student will walk away from each scenario with what law may have been breached,
what ethical line was crossed, what the professional could have done better or
differently, and how to deescalate the scenario better and faster in the
future. Examples include simple procedural modifications, potential fair
housing violations, difficult clients, potential license law violations, and
tips to stay out of trouble.

Course Chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Thornbush
    •  49 Showings, No Purchase
  • Chapter 2: Money Pit
    • Novice Tries To Flip
  • Chapter 3:  Fair Housing Violations in Listing Advertisements
    • Perfect For Families
  • Chapter 4: Real Estate Encroachment
    • Built Over Property Line

Real Estate Horror Stories

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