Broker Responsibility Course (2023-2024)

Required CE For Brokers and Supervisors – 6 Hours – TREC Approval Number #44547

The Broker Responsibility course provides information concerning the regulatory aspects of the management, operation and supervision of a real estate brokerage firm in Texas. The course provides an understanding and working knowledge of a broker’s responsibilities and obligations under 22 TAC §532.2, which sets out specific requirements and best practices for brokers.

The following persons are required to take the Broker Responsibility course:

  • A broker who sponsors sales agents;
  • A designated broker of a business entity who sponsors sales agents; and
  • A license holder who is a delegated supervisor of one or more license holders.

NOTE: A real estate license holder who is not required to take the Broker Responsibility course may take this course and receive six hours toward continuing education (CE) requirements.

Course Chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
    • Use of the Term “Broker” in this Manual
    • Who Is Required to Take This Course?
    • Why is This Course Required?
    • How To Utilize this Manual
    • “Is There a Law About That?” Broker Responsibility in Statute and Rule
    • Rules Spotlight: Fiduciary Responsibilities as a Broker
  • Chapter 2: Delegated Supervisors & Teams
    • Delegated Supervisors
    • Teams
    • Managing a Supervising Team Leader
    • Broker Associates
  • Chapter 3: Ensuring Competency & Training for Agents
    • Subject-Matter Competency (Specializations)
    • Geographic Competency
    • TREC Contract Form Competency
    • One Rule Fits All
    • Training & Coaching
    • The Broker’s Policy and Procedure Manual – An Essential
      Training Tool
    • Training For Success
    • Supervision Components & Compliance Issues for Teams
    • Commission Above Competency & Fiduciary, Seriously?
  • Chapter 4: Practical Application Related to Required
    • Consumer Protection Notice 101
    • Are Your Posts & Links Readily Noticeable?
    • IABS – Information About Brokerage Services Form &
      Representation Disclosure Under Occupations Code §1101.558
    • Anatomy of the IABS
    • Licensing Requirements for Business Entity Brokers
  • Chapter 5: Additional Broker Responsibilities
    • TREC Required Policies and Procedures for Brokers
    • Additional Requirements of TREC Rule §535.2 Related to
      Record Keeping and Timely Response
    • Advertisements
    • Naming Criteria and Registration of DBAs and Team Names
    • Succession Planning – Have a Plan!
    • Property Management and Trust Accounts
  • Chapter 6: TREC Enforcement & Broker Responsibility
    • TREC Enforcement
    • File a Complaint!
    • How Does TREC Discipline a License Holder?
    • Broker-to-Broker
    • Broker Responsibility: Raising the Bar

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